Thursday, July 8, 2010

Color journaling week four!

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Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for the wonderful get well wishes!  They have indeed help me feel better over the past ten or so days when I felt like like a withering sickie LOL  Being sick makes you realize you miss the simple breathing....  so for the the color prompt this week, I thought we could go Back The The Basics - Simple Life style!  

The basic three colors that create all the colors of the rainbow are of course Red, Yellow and Blue.  But I wanted to take it further and harken back to the Good 'ol Days of the countryside and use primaries that evoke barn raisings, the late summer harvest and milking bluebell the cow. 

Slate Blue, Cranberry Red and Harvest Yellow.  What kind of images do these colors evoke for you?  Gingham dresses?  Crows?  Cooking?  Horseback riding?  Chickens?

Below are some hands I've made with the themes of seaside, cooking and gardening. (click for larger views!)

For the background goodie this week here is a postcard size pattern of "country" primaries; feel free to print it out and fill it up with imagery!  I might play around with some country fair or old fashioned circus images! 

(click on the image above to get the full size version!)


linda said...

oh my, I've been falling behind! so busy lately. glad you feel better and will be adding my journal pages to the flickr group - i see lots of lovely work there already :)

katilady said...

gorgeous annie, i love the yellow!

EraserQueen said...

Linda: LOL, there IS NO behind! These are meant to be fun! And you can always go back and do ones you missed! Love seeing your art at Flickr!

Kati: Thank you!!! I like the yellow one too, I was thinking about my grandmother when I made it :)

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