Thursday, July 1, 2010

Journal Prompt three!

Hi All!  I am still sick, but I was feeling good enough to sit for a bit and enjoy some art!

The summer is finally here, and I have been inpiried by fresh things - fresh friut, fresh vegtables, fresh sunshine and air.  Orange and green always give me sensation of crisp, clean and with a little more spice than the freshness of spring;  Spring is very innocent and new.  Summer is a more ripened fresh - freshness that promises abundance.  In the spirit of that I have chosen orange and green for this week.

BUT there are many versions of orange and green - gold and aqua, turquoise and lime, or spanish  orange and mint.  Choose whatever flavor of orange and green you like and create something that is fresh and crisp!

Below is a page from my journal - I chose blendings of turquoise and lime green together with lemon yellow (a cool greenish yellow), melon and orange.  I wanted to create an image reminiscent of Degas and the Paris impressionists. 


Marcia said...

Good to have you back, hoping you "feel" back to yourself.

I love all your "fresh" visions.

You made me want to cook, rather than paint! I have an orange and honeydew salsa in my brain, that I am thinking will be perfect on fish with a fresh pitcher of mojitos, oohh, I may add a little fresh squeezed orange juice to the mojitos! OK, I now have dinner planned.

On to art - I have some limes that I never finished, they needed something and orange may just be the trick. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tammy's Studio said...

This is going to be a huge challenge for me... but I love going outside the box. =)

tortagialla said...

Oh my, I hope you get well soon! Love your description of transitioning from Spring to Summer...hmm...will be fun playing with these colors :)

EraserQueen said...

Thanks guys!

Marcia: HAHA Yeah, I tend to get food and art cinfused - they both make me happy and they can both look really beautful!

Tammy: Can't wait to see!

Tortagialla: Thanks! I don't know why I've been getting sick in the summertime LOL. I Love the adorable bug you made!

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