Thursday, July 15, 2010

Color Journal Week five!

Welcome again everyone! Wow, five weeks so far, where is the time going?? I hoipe you are all having a FANTASTIC summer!

I want to remind everyone that we have a FLICKR group! Anyone is welcome to join and add their artwork :D

In addition I invite other artists to add their work to the pool so we can have even MORE eye candy in the current week's color scheme! Come and see the great collection of art we have so far!:

This week I'd like to focus on red and purple!

I found this old frame at a yard sale years ago. there were several of them and they were gold with little ballerina images in them. They were from the 1950's and while the imagery wasn't my thing I feel in love with the crazy ornate frames and knew I could paint alter them to fit my cold color tastes.

For this one, I painted a base coast of Rythm 'n Blue (an old delta creamcoat color - a great deep violet) and coate the top with Lumiere's Halo Blue. The halo colors are great - they mimic Twinkeling H2O's in a way, because they are two toned. Halo blue is actually a blue with a gold glitter underbase, giving a sometime-greenish appearance!

I drew and colored the Queen figure on separate paper and pasted her in over a background of Folk Art's Plum Vineyard and used Deco Art's Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish in Emperor's Gold for the gold dots.

Here is a list of great themes you can use to get you into the Red and Purple Zone!

• Queen of Hearts

• Chess Board Queen

• Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabethian period)

• Historic Western Asia (Turkey, Iran, Iraq)

• Historic East Asia (Japan, China, Tibet)

• Strawberries and Grapes

• Beautiful Persian Rug designs

• Purple and Red Silk or satin and gold threads

•Faeries or elves

• Dragons

• Birds (like a phoenix)

• Tropical Fish

• Mermaids

Other art with red and purple I've made.

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Shirl said...

I love what you did with the frame. Your red and purple art work is wonderful.

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