Thursday, June 10, 2010

Color Journal Promt #1

I am going to start posting Weekly Color Journaling Prompts on my blog; I welcome my Color Exploration Workshop students and anyone else to participate!

Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your work, and I have started a Flickr Group as well:

Week #1: The Color Purple

The color purple is great for journaling because it is a color of power (historically it is a color worn by royalty), of conflict (it is a combination of red - an aggressive color, and blue - a soothing color) and of Balance (as again, it is a combination of strong energy -red and soothing wisdom - blue).

For this week I want you to experiment with purple and think about what it means to you as an artist - how do you use purple now? How do you want to use it in the future?

Look at various shades of purple (below are just a few examples) and pick two or three you like.

Combine these shades with some warm colors, like orange, yellow and red.




Now ask yourself: What do these colors make you think of? A massive planet or nebula? a Desert Princess at sunset? Ripe Fruit on a vine? A dress your Grandmother wore? Try to incorporate these colors and feelings into an artwork. I did so here with my Desert Princess:

I have been listening to a lot of "summery" sounding music which I think has inspired this desert/purple feel. A few favorites going around on my iPod have been:

• Mykonos - Fleet Foxes
• Stars and Boulevards- Augustana
• America - A Horse With No Name
• Scar tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
• Desert rose - Sting

Is there any music that you've been listening to that make you think of Purple? Try incorporating the lyrics into your art!


Rina said...

Thank you for the invite! join the flicker group...gonna really try to do far I'm thinking Purple don't think I'll be going there...take care!

linda said...

Thanks for your invite and very cool prompt... I usually don't use purple in it's full depth...because it's so dark. This is a good opportunity to experiment :)

Marcia said...

I think I am gonna love this journal prompt. Not sure I can always keep up with the art. Purple is my second fav color, I think of creativity. One of my fav purple songs is "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies", yep from the Nutcracker. My Mom's fav song was Deep Purple, Glenn Miller rendition. Thanks for the invite!

Jade Erin Scarlett said...

Oh, I love this idea, awesome! I happen to love purple, especially when combined with turquoise, I have a weakness for anything on the blue-green to green side of the color wheel and I love to add a touch of anything purplish to these colors. Thank you for the invite!

EraserQueen said...

Rina: I should try doing a Prince Characature HAHAHA Thanks for the giggle!

EraserQueen said...

Linda: Yeah, I realized I used tend to stay away from really dark purples too..I ended up making it all lilac!

EraserQueen said...

Marcia: Ooh...Now you have me curious...what is your first favorite color??? I love Tchaikovsky's music! And I love big band music too, you need to com over to my house so we can listen to music and make art!

EraserQueen said...

Jade: Ohh! LOL Funny, I just used turquoise on the cover of my purple and orange Color Journal LOL I'll be posting it to YouTube soon! I look forward to seeing your art - You have such a great sense of color!

Rina said...

OH do it...I love to see it...I bet he be so cool....but than I'd have to beg you for it!

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