Friday, July 23, 2010

Color Journal prompt week six!

For information about the Color Journaling Project, click above!

For this week I thought I'd try another tri-color scheme, Ivory white, Burnt sienna, and Cerulean blue. Together these colors evoke cool salty sea breezes, a bring respite from the warm sun that bleaches stone buildings and wood washed up along bright white beaches.

Lawerence Alma-Tadema (whose most popular work was created around the turn for the 19th and 20th century) was very much inspired by ancient classical imagery, and many of his paintings feature a coastal Mediterranean setting.

For this week, try using Ivory White, Burnt Sienna and Cerulean Blue to capture your own bit of your own paradise.

For my 5x7 color journal I've create a collage mixed media piece and taken a video, hope you enjoy!

And please share your work at our flickr group! Everyone is welcome to join! Coming up this next week, I plan on featuring, at my blog, some of the work by our group members!

Keep Arting!

xoxo EQ

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