Friday, January 3, 2014

The Costume Project!

Wanna do something FUN this weekend?  
Come play dolls with me!

I love playing dress-up and channeling my inner Bob Mackie by designing clothes. 

Play with me by:

1) Designing your own outfit for Monique, you can find her here!
2) Color an outfit I've designed for her, like the one below

Feel free to let me know what fashion styles, periods, cultures you'd like me to design!

Below is "Lemon Sherbert"
Click for a lager version to print
Here is a Printable outfit for you to color!  Please comment and show me what you did!  I'll post later on my own colored version, as well as a new outfit.

Click the image for a larger version to print  |  Remember to unselect "fit to page" in your setting! 


Sarah Trumpp said...

So cute!!! And fun! I want to play! I will dedicate 3:00 a.m. to you. ;)

Tammy L. Sexton said...

I have something special done. Where do I send it?

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