Saturday, February 4, 2012

Will Art for Books!

Shawnicaitlin from AFA was looking for a new home for a few of her art books and was willing to trade with me!

Here is a some of what I'm sending:

 :: Orange Tabby 4x6 mixed media ::

:: Scottie Love 5x7 mixed media ::

I hope she likes them!  I had a blast making them as I haven't painted animals in a while;  I plan on making more now.


Anonymous said...

Annie. These are amazing. I truly love them!!
Thank you so much and I am thrilled I created a spark for you to continue painting animals again.
HUGE HUG to you. :)
Terri aka Shawnicaitlin

DW Peot said...

Love, Love, Love the design and characters (cat and the scottie)! You have an incrediable creative, fantabulouso, genious, brilliant mind! I so admire and love your work! Can't wait to see your next project!

Adriann said...

Love the colors and the kool kat!!

BlackPumpkin said...

Lovely ones!! Great colors!!

Tralasong said...

LOVE this!

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