Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 = Art Resolutions!

Happy 2012! 

Hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous New Year!  My personal goals for 2012 are to exercise every day, instead of several times a week to develop healthy habits, and my art goals are to acquire new crafting skills as well as develop the illustration skills I already posses!

It's not always easy to develop habits though.  the key is persistence and record keeping!  I've developed some charts in word to help keep track of exercise progress, but how does one track artistic progress?  How do you know you're getting better?  When I was very young I thought "getting better" meant that making art would be "easier."  in many ways it is, but I sometimes still need "do overs" to achieve the effect I want in my art.

That's why it's good to have art buddies :D  My buds over at IllustratedATCs.com have always provided me with constructive critisisim and a pat on the back.  Thanks to all who help me as I develop further as an artist for 2012. Likewise, I am here if you need help or want a portfolio review!

HAPPY New Year Everyone!


Katie said...

I love the colors in those two images :) Fabulous personal goals...I'm still debating what I want mine to be! Happy New Year!

Adriann said...

Happy New Year! I followed you from Strathmore. Cool blog...will link you to my blogroll. Be blessed!

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