Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art Fuel

I use music to fuel my art, as I imagine a lot of artists do. (Though I have read that some like to listen to books on tape!) And classical music has been on my playlist lately.

I wanted to share a great vid I've been watching on YouTube. The Spanish based group PaGAGnini has a great sketch. The comedy as the begining is adorable, but the U2 "With or Without You" cover is Truly Epic. Indeed, I felt the actual U2 song itself a complete emotional let down after hearing this spine tingeling electric violin arrangement:

Does anyone else agree that it's way better than U2? Bono's glasses can't compete with that facial hair either...

I'm currently working on a four piece ATC sized set based on Classical Music, Klimt and Zentangles. I'll post these little Frankensteins of inspiration soon :)


Diane said...

Yes!! Excellent!! (to tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of U2's version :)

vintagepix said...

Pretty funny, tho' the cat sleeping under my desk started laying her ears back in annoyance when he switched to the electric violin :D I just did a journal spread inspired by Loreena McKennitt's version of "Snow"

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