Saturday, September 18, 2010

Artful Paintovers Workshop!

Registration now open, Class starts April 23, 2010!
$35 USD for two-week workshop

This online workshop will focus on choosing and altering vintage images and family photos to paintover into fun and colorful works of mixed media art! In this two-week session you will learn various techniques for painting over Xerox copies, images printed from inkjet printers, and vintage photographs. I addition, we will look at how using a variety of themes and styles can drastically change the look of a single image: stretching the possibilities in your art and "extending" your image collection! These techniques and concepts will then be applied to four step-by-step projects.

Program Level: This workshop is for new artists as well as those with more experienced art skills who want to expand their abilities in mixed media.

What's included: ArtTrader online workshops include access to our streaming videos and PDF workbooks. We have a forum and user galleries for all participants to interact with each other and the program instructors. Work at your own pace! Instructors are always available for one-on-one help and critique.

Week 1: Choosing Images, Paintover Techniques and Creative Themes

  • What are paintovers?
  • Image Sources
  • Themes in Paintovers
  • Paintover Techniques

Week 2: Step-by-step Paintover Projects

  • Using Pet photos
  • Using Victorian Clipart
  • Using Vintage Photos
  • Using Family Photos

Material List:

  • Craft Grade Acrylic paint (such as Delta Creamcoat or Folk Art by Plaid)
  • Watercolor paint
  • Twinkling H2O paint (optional)
  • Glitter markers
  • Sakura SoufflĂ© pens
  • Sakura Stardust pens
  • White gel pens
  • Waterproof inking pens
  • Black airbrush paint
  • Brushes: Medium, small and very small sizes
  • Home printer or any Xerox machine (I’ll be using both!)
  • Personal photography
  • Family photos
  • Vintage clip art
  • Various collage images (wings for example)
  • Decorative papers

February 16, 2010 (2 weeks)
$35 US per person

This online workshop will focus on designing, drawing and painting whimsical mermaids! The workshop is for new artists as well as those with more experienced art skills who want to expand their abilities into whimsical fantasy.

In this two-week session, we will focus on a fun, innovative design approach, vivid color schemes, mermaid anatomy (combining human and sea creature characteristics), drawing water and sea creatures, and using various media and rendering techniques (watercolor, ink, acrylic and more). We’ll then combine these techniques and concepts to create several step-by-step themed mermaid artworks.

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