Friday, August 13, 2010

Color Journal Week Eight!

Hi All!

Here is the Rose white and gold challenge! I may do more with this and post later on in the week! Maybe I'll make a Gothic Arch, I've been making a LOT of those!

Mozart has been playing in the background as I've made this - fpor some reason his music makes me think of lighthearted opulence, perfect for the rose, white and gold combination - music is a great inspiration and can really give the feeling of colors. I sometimes wished I was on of those people who could "hear" colors. Or "See" music!

The gold did NOT scan well in my painting LOL, but the background is in fact a really nice metallic gold! I Promise :D


Diane said...

Absolutely love your work!!

Tammy's Studio said...

Thanks for providing us with artistic challenges it helps us color outside the lines. This was right up my alley! I LOVE pink!

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