Thursday, July 29, 2010

Color Journaling Week Seven!

This week's color scheme is.... Olive Green, Turquoise and Black!

I have always loved dolls, and as a kid enjoyed collecting them. For the past few years I have really liked the aesthetic of the Asian BJD dolls, or Ball Jointed Dolls. While I do not own a BJD (They don't come cheep at around $500 on average!) I have fun looking through doll colloector magazines and seeing collectors post their images online. Many of these BJD owners are very gifted in fashion design and photography.

here are a few links:

BJD's were an inspiration this week with the olive, turquoise and black scheme! Gothic novels (can we say cheesy late sixties covers?), Paris and BJDs seem to go together!

I have noticed that challenge blogs out there like have these cool little "Mister Linky" widgets. So if anyone would like to share their olive,turquoise and black art work, feel free to link yourself here! (ignore #1 - lalala, that was a test and will only take you to! haha)

I'd like to share a cool piece of art based on last weeks Red & Purple prompt!

It's made by Tammy of Tammy's Studio, and you can visit her awesome blog here:

NEXT WEEK: If you want to get a head start for next week, the scheme is White, Rose and Gold!

Olive, Turquoise and Black: Share your art here!


TammysStudio said...

Thanks for sharing my butterfly here.=) Week 7 will surely be a challenge for me as I never use olive green... time to pull out some pencils and paints. I'm looking forward to this one. Thanks for stretching my creativity.

Diane said...

I love this color combo-I would never thought that I would, but when I look at it like this, it's stunning!

NancyJB said...

Love that color group and the beautiful lady (Marie A?) you did with it. You have a gorgeous blog too! I will try to get in on one of your color challenges one of these weeks!

Debi said...

This is gorgeous and I might just have a go x
And yes Kiwi is still an acceptable term- though I'm English by birth- just an adopted kiwi.

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