Thursday, August 21, 2008

Workshop: Fnntastic Faces

Fantastic Faces:

Learn to leap outside the box and create faces that are beautiful, funky or unique!  This class is for the beginner and the intermediate artist who is interested in taking the art and design of faces to the next level of artistic expression.  What ever your comfort zone for drawing is, welcome!  This class emphasizes exploration and fun!

Part 1: Facial Fundamentals:

• Basic facial proportion: Learn basic proportion and how understanding proportion can help you design your own unique style of face.

• Ethnic Facial styles:  All people are beautiful! Celebrate diversity and incorporate various types of features into your faces.

• Stylizing features: Play with proportion to create faces that go beyond the realm of reality and standard forms of beauty to create a special beauty and quirkiness of your own.

Part 2: Mixing it all up:

•Morphing: find inspiration from the world of plants, animals or science.  Use brainstorming and journaling techniques to discover how to find facial inspiration from anywhere and use it for facial design!  We will cover:


•Incorporating Design: Tattoos and Makeup have been popular forms of self expression for centuries.  Learn how to incorporate these arts into your faces for endless design possibilities.

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